Go Blind CD

Go Blind CD

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Life has a way or presenting us with problems that affect every single aspect of our existence, and few disabilities present barriers to living a full life like that of blindness. But, what would you do if you discovered that your longstanding obstacle presented an opportunity for God’s miracle-working power to be displayed in your life? Bishop T.D. Jakes expertly uses Jesus’ healing of the blind man to encourage everyone who is currently in the midst of trouble that shows no sign of leaving.


“His blindness was created for God’s glory. I came to tell you that your crisis is a setup for the glory of God.”

—Bishop T.D. Jakes


Your problem might be drawing unwanted attention, but God needed your issue to go public so that when He turns your problem around, your critics will have no choice but to praise God. This timely message is an excellent investment in your personal ministry library. Add it today and begin seeing the miracle God has for you as you Go Blind!