Shake It Off DVD single

Shake It Off DVD single

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God has called each of us to complete a unique assignment while we are on earth. However, He hasn’t called us to fight unnecessary battles! Using Jesus’s commissioning of the 70 disciples in Luke 10, Bishop T.D. Jakes highlights the importance of completing the tasks before us while casting off pointless weight and avoiding the enemy’s distractions. 

“Some houses and cities you visit aren’t for you. Don’t be depressed if you’re rejected.  Rejection is a sign you’re in the wrong place…SHAKE IT OFF!”—Bishop T.D. Jakes

When God sees us focused on His calling for our lives, He will reveal the blessings He has in store for us. Until then, we are to avoid being seduced into battles we were not sent to fight. If you are tired of carrying unnecessary burdens and being distracted, add this message to your personal library, and take this simple and effective advice: Shake It Off!