The Ultimate Sacrifice CD

The Ultimate Sacrifice CD

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Though many don’t know it, life requires something of us each day—something of the utmost importance. Day by day, bit by bit, life requires that each of us pay The Ultimate Sacrifice! Bishop T.D. Jakes uses the 5th chapter of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians to reveal to us the necessity of giving all of ourselves in service to the life and assignments God has placed before us.

“If you’re going to do anything great or accomplish anything important, you must be prepared to lay down your life for it, little by little, everyday!” —Bishop T.D. Jakes

Being successful in ministry, relationships, your God-given gifts, or anything worthwhile, demands that you be willing to pay the highest price of giving simply everything! If God has called you to something great, it is imperative you add this message to your personal library. Receive its truth in your heart and begin growing up in your spiritual life as you learn to give The Ultimate Sacrifice!