Generations DVD

Generations DVD

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It is through Fathers that identity and purpose are given to their children, and

God is the picture of the absolutely perfect FATHER. Through the book of

Genesis, Bishop T.D. Jakes uses the life and lineage of Abraham to detail how

God’s fingerprint and purpose are transferred from parent to offspring down

through the years.


“It is not just about you, your circumstances or how you feel. We serve a God who thinks generationally...Much of what is happening with you right now has much more to do with who is coming AFTER you!”


For the person believing their circumstances are all there is to their life, or the

one wondering about the reasons behind their current predicament, this

message is specifically for you. As you embrace God’s loving message about

his purpose for you, your immediate family and your descendants, you will be

filled with a spirit of expectation that God has marvelous plans and prosperity

in store for you and His glory and purpose!