Manifest 4 CDs

Manifest 4 CDs

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Manifest Series 

You were created for purpose and destiny! God wants to use your life as His platform for Kingdom impact. In this revelatory series, Manifest, Bishop T.D. Jakes unlocks the keys to fulfilling all that God has for you in this life. Recognize the danger of procrastination and life-draining distractions as you determine to fix your gaze on your destination. Discover the role your faith plays in opening new doors of opportunity, changing your circumstances, and laying the foundation for restoration, renewal and divine direction in your life. If you have given up hope that His purposes will come to pass, be encouraged. All it takes is your decision to obey one word from Him, and all that He has for you will be Manifest!       


Messages Included:

  • No Room for Distractions
  • One Liberating Idea Part 1
  • One Liberating Idea Part 2
  • And It Came to Pass