Press In & Win 4 CDs

Press In & Win 4 CDs

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If there is anything life is riddled with, it is questions and conflict. Do you find yourself caught between two extremes, wondering which is the best choice? Are you asking God for something, but you aren’t sure if it’s the right thing to ask? Are you struggling with whether or not you are the right man or woman for the job? Or, do you simply find yourself discouraged in the midst of a challenge? If you are battling either or all of these questions, this timely series from Bishop T.D. Jakes is just for you!


“Have you ever felt alone in the world, like no one is with you?...

In reality, you are never alone! All that have gone and struggled before you are

cheering you on!”—Bishop T.D. Jakes



Stand firm, knowing that God will give you clarity. You are not in this fight by yourself, and God has specifically chosen you for the task at hand. Take courage as you add this series of messages to your library. Bravely take your stand, knowing who you are in Christ. It’s time for you to PRESS IN AND WIN!


Messages Included Are:

       A War Between Two Worlds

       Ye Know Not What Ye Ask

       You’re The Man

       Cheering You On