Winning The Battle: From Worry To Worship 2 DVDs

Winning The Battle: From Worry To Worship 2 DVDs

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The truth is we all deal with uncertainty from time to time. If you’ve been worried about a health issue, a financial matter, a career decision or a relationship struggle, there is hope for you today. When you learn to worship, worry has to flee.  In Winning the Battle: From Worry to Worship, Bishop Jakes will teach you:

• How to restore balance in your life when things seem to be spinning out of control

• The difference between you waiting on God and God waiting on you

• The truth of God’s unfailing, never-ending love for you and how that effects your daily decisions

• The power of worship to destroy worry and fear in your life

Worship reminds us that no matter what we’re dealing with, God is bigger. He’s big enough to heal your pain. He’s big enough to defeat your enemies. He’s big enough to forgive your sin. He’s big enough to restore your health. It’s time for you to start Winning the Battle!

Title messages in this series:
Living With Uncertainty
Dry Places