Divine Expectation CD

The 5 Stages Of Recovery DVD

Price: $15.00
It is an undeniable truth that you will lose something in
this life. But, God has wonderful news for you. You can
recover what has been taken!  You must simply partner with
God while in the fight to regain what you have lost!  In this
message, Bishop Jakes uses the life of Joshua to illustrate
the process each believer will experience as they settle
into the manifestation of God’s promises and recoup what
the enemy has stolen.

“The fight is an indication that you are closer to your goal
than you’ve ever been before.” —Bishop T.D. Jakes

God is invested in the outcome of your life, and he has a
plan for you. He wants you to maximize your faith in His
grace to help you reclaim all He has for you!  Embrace this
message and grab hold of your future as God leads you
through The Five Stages of Recovery!