Divine Expectation CD

The Teacher Went Back To School CD

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Wise people will tell you that experience trumps ideals everyday. Taking the truth of that axiom, our God was so in love with each of us that He found it necessary to assume our perspective of life on earth through Jesus Christ so that we would live eternally with Him!

“For the first time ever, the God who always declared a thing asked a question!”—Bishop. T.D. Jakes

In this message, Bishop T.D. Jakes highlights the real problem with the fall of man in Genesis: Adam fell into something God did not understand. In order to know where Adam went, God had to follow His creation in the form of Christ. Allow this special teaching by
Bishop Jakes to minister to you a new perspective on why Jesus was necessary to redeem humanity and rescue each of us from the grave. Learn a new lesson in The Day the Teacher Went Back to School.