It's Not About You DVD

It's Not About You DVD

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Have you ever felt like God was skipping you and blessing someone else with the very same thing you asked Him for? As unsettling and disturbing as it might be, there is a divine reason behind God’s strategy, and Bishop T.D. Jakes offers nuggets of truth in this message to help you understand that God is still in control of your life and destiny.

“God uses failures, closed doors, lost opportunities and torment to direct your path and keep you from going some place He doesn’t want you to go!”— Bishop T.D. Jakes

As a result of handling various frustrations, we often assign blame to God and the people in our lives. All of it is a sign of us thinking selfishly and not realizing God’s grand plan. For those battling a series of disappointments, allow this message to sink in your heart and help you realize that, though it is happening to you, It’s Not About You!