The Good Shepherd CD

The Good Shepherd CD

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Without a shadow of doubt, a saved, sanctified and redeemed follower of Christ is considered a sheep in the flock of God! As a member of that flock, we have a protector, provider and defender against all that would come against us. Using Jesus’ teaching in the book of John, Bishop T.D. Jakes explains the benefits of being a part of God’s righteous family and the danger of living outside of it.

“The wolves come to scatter the sheep...but Jesus comes against anything that comes against His sheep!”

—Bishop T.D. Jakes

You are safeguarded, sheltered and loved by the one and only good shepherd, Jesus Christ. As you appropriate the wisdom of this message into your spirit, you will begin to understand, though the wolves will come, your God-given benefits of freedom, blessings and joy are wrapped up in the presence of The Good Shepherd!