The Importance of A Right Outlook CD

The Importance of A Right Outlook CD

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Life presents us with some confusing possibilities. For instance, it’s possible to have open eyes and still not see clearly. It’s possible to be a Christian and still not have peace or joy. It’s possible to be saved for the life hereafter and still be sorrowful in the life you have now. These problems show us our problem isn’t our problems. Our real problem is our inward outlook and perception.

Using one the many examples of Jesus healing the blind, Bishop T.D. Jakes poses a question:

“Do you know the importance of a right outlook?”

The most prominent miracle we see Jesus repeatedly performing in scripture is the healing of the blind. If God has placed so much emphasis on the concept of vision, we must accept the that our perception determines our destiny. Add this timely message to your personal media library and allow the word of God to correct your internal vision. As you do, you will encounter Paul’s requested miracle of the eyes of our understanding being enlightened.