Transformational Instinct 6 DVDs

Transformational Instinct 6 DVDs

Price: $60.00
Transformational is all about reaching new levels.  It's about God doing something so out of the box, your whole life is revolutionizes by His blessings.  When God begins to move, every part of your life is changed-faith, finances, health, relationships and more.  God can transform it all!

In Transformational Instinct, Bishop will teach you:

How to get the core of who God created you to be
How to discover the tools of destiny in your life
The secret to growing stronger in the dark places
Why people self-sabotage their success(and how to avoid making the same mistake)
And much, much more

God is going to do something great in your life.  Today is your day of transformation!

Messages are:
The Core of Transformation
Transformational Thinking
Transformational Living
Transformational Giving
Transformational Creativity
Transformational Relationships