Instinct Workbook

Instinct Workbook

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In this interactive Christian workbook, #1 New York Times bestselling author and beloved pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes helps Christians expand their faith with INSTINCT: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive. It will help you bring your daily walk with God in step with your God-given instincts— the inner wisdom of who you are and what you’re created to accomplish.


Each of the 21 user-friendly chapters perfectly matches the chapters of Jakes’


INSTINCT, expanding on core themes and offering new strategies to encourage and equip readers in pursuit of a spiritual, Godcentered life. Jakes draws on powerful biblical characters as examples of those who tapped their instincts to accomplish God’s purpose.


Perfect for small group study or rich individual growth, every chapter offers:



INSTINCT BASICS: This interactive growth tool helps you apply each chapter’s key themes to where—and how—you are presently




MORE ABOUT INSTINCTS: Self-assessment questions and revealing exercises help you map your personal progress toward an instinctive life




INSTINCTIVE WISDOM: Excerpts of the most relevant and revealing content in INSTINCT expand each chapter’s theme




INSTINCTS IN ACTION: A wealth of innovative ideas, questions, and resources to translate your freshly sharpened instincts into action


This ultimate Christian workbook companion to


INSTINCT will help believers or seekers unleash their intuition and unlock the keys to their success!