C.I.A. The Spirit Speaks 3 DVDs

C.I.A. The Spirit Speaks 3 DVDs

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Whatever you’re praying for today, believe that you have it and the Bible says that “ye shall receive it.”  God has already provided in the Spirit what you are praying for in the natural.  Faith believes it now, knowing it will be revealed later.

C.I.A. The Spirit Speaks, Bishop teaches how to receive the hidden wisdom of the Holy Spirit for your life.  God has a specific plan for you, and His desire is for you to know His will and to receive the fullness of blessing.  In this series, you will learn how to:

·       Discover the difference between God’s desires and your desires 

 ·       Learn how the Holy Spirit reveals the deep things of God to you

 ·       Answer the question: “Is it okay to desire earthly things?”

 ·       Understand the hidden wisdom of the Holy Spirit

  ·       And much, much more

  Seeds of faith sown in prayer will always reap a harvest.  Desire, pray and believe….you will receive it.

Messages in this series:
And Ye Shall Receive It
Central Intelligence Agent Part 1
Central Intelligence Agent Part 2