King of Kings 3 CDs

King of Kings 3 CDs

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“Tell cancer, the King is coming! Tell poverty, the King is coming!
Crown Him as King in your life and as soon as you do, the demons
are going to back up out of your house, the afflictions are going to
leap out of your body, and the blessing that the Lord promised you
is going to come to pass!”

Part 1: The Weeping Priest. Experience the ministry of Jesus
and his roles as Prophet, Priest and King in this unique
account of the New Testament classic about Lazarus.

Part 2: The Invisible King brings light to a world riddled with
questionable morality and perverse political power plays.

Part 3: The Man Upstairs dispels Jesus as a caped crusader
from a mythological religious tale! He’s our advocate,
seated beside God, wanting a personal relationship with
us as our Redeemer and Representative.

In a time when everything but the truth of God’s Word is being
exalted, this three-part series by Bishop T.D. Jakes reminds every
Christian and every evil force that victory is assured to those who
trust in the true King of Kings!