A Lesson in Humility CD

A Lesson in Humility CD

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God is calling you to a higher dimension. He wants you to take your cue from
Him and simply humble yourself.

In A LESSON IN HUMILITY, Bishop T.D. Jakes masterfully uses the story
of Jesus Christ to remind us how He humbled Himself when He came down
from heaven fashioned in the form of a man to serve us. And by following
His lead, we will learn how we are also called to humble ourselves and take
on the role of a servant.

Discover what it really means to walk in humility and serve others. You’ll learn:

• You have to be strong to humble yourself and take a back seat.

• You have to know who you are and have a sense of purpose.

• You have to be secure in yourself in order to be humble.

Don’t let your misconceptions about humility continue to keep you bound.
Instead, embrace God’s truth that it takes strength to serve others. Then
watch Him create in you a true heart of humility!